Why Is Important Maintain Dryer Vents at Your Location?

Most modern homes are equipped with a clothes dryer and some even have more than one. Many businesses and other organizations use commercial-grade appliances of this type as well. The list includes hotels, restaurants, hospital and long-term care facilities and child care facilities. Just like all appliances, dryers require proper maintenance. Furthermore, the regular cleaning of dryer vents is one of the most important factors for keeping the safety of the premises and the people and property in it at the highest possible level.

The need for frequent cleaning and maintenance of these particular components results from the fact that their blockage leads to a higher risk of fire. The official statistical data of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission shows that more than 15,000 fires are caused by improperly maintained clothes dryers every year. It is crucial for every homeowner or tenant to protect their family. In the same way, businesses and other organizations have to ensure that their employees and clients are safe. It is worth noting that the benefits of regular dryer vent cleaning and maintenance go beyond fire protection.

Greatly Reduced Fire Risk

In order to understand why it is important for dryer vents to be cleaned, you need to have good understanding of what happens when these appliances do their job. When you place wet clothes inside, the appliance works to produce hot air in order to dry them. This air is under a considerable amount of tension. The end product is the load of dry clothes. However, there are byproducts as well. The first one is the lint which is released from the clothing along with the water soaked in the fibers. The second one is the hot air which has to be released.
The problem with lint is that it is light and sticky. Due to these properties, it accumulates on surfaces easily and quickly. The dryer filter works to capture a considerable volume of the produced lint, but it cannot stop all of it. Some of gets accumulated on the filter trap and on the dryer vent hose. With each and every use of the appliance, the layer of lint becomes thicker. This constricts the channel which the air gets through. When the hot air gets under great pressure, combustion occurs and a fire starts. The fire easily spreads to the appliance and may affect nearby furniture and other household items which are made from materials that ignite easily. The fire cannot only damage property, but take people’s lives. That is why the importance of dryer vent cleaning must not be underestimated.
When dryer vents are properly cleaned and maintained, the risk of fire caused by this particular appliance is reduced to the very possible minimum. It is highly unlikely for one of the electric components inside or for the wiring to produce a spark which may cause fire. At home, you will have a safe environment and complete peace of mind that your loved ones are protected from one of the major perils which can occur. The risk of your home being destroyed by fire will be much lower. You will not have to worry that much about the possibility of starting your life all over again. The next time when you turn the dryer on, you simply need to remember how this appliance can lead to life-changing events if it is not cared for properly.
Business owners know that they are responsible for the safety of the people who use and produce their services and products. With a simple maintenance task such as the removal of lint from the dyer duct, these people can be effectively safeguarded. Assets which are worth thousands of dollars can be saved from complete damage. The future existence of the business can be secured.

Additional Benefits

The lint which gets built up on the walls of the dryer vent has an adverse impact on the performance of the appliance. It takes more time for it to dry the clothes completely. The time necessary for the drying is usually much greater than half an hour. When the appliance works for longer, it uses more energy and this causes your utility bill to go up. The dryer is one of the appliances with the highest energy consumption in general. You do not want it to cost you more money.
When the dryer vent is cleaned on a regular basis, the appliance will work optimally at all times. It will use the smallest amount of energy possible every time you turn it on. This can help you to generate considerable savings over time. The savings will be even higher for commercial organizations using a considerable number of dryers.
The longer working time and the greater work load lead to faster wearing of the components of the appliance. As a result, it will require more frequent repair. You will most probably have to replace it much sooner as well. This will increase your cost of owning it. For businesses, the increase is the cost is multiplied by the number of units which they use. All this extra money can be saved as long as lint is removed from the dryer duct on a regular basis. It is that simple.

Focus on Frequency and Effectiveness

Even if cleaning and maintenance are provided every once in a while, the dryer vent may still get heavily blocked and cause fire. It is really hard to estimate how long it will take for the blockage to become seriously dangerous. For this reason, a strict schedule for the cleaning and maintenance must be followed. The frequency is different for every appliance. It depends on a range of factors. These include the frequency of use of the appliance, the size of the clothing load and the length of the vent hose. Effectiveness is as important as frequency. In order for the cleaning to be done properly, special tools and techniques have to be used.
You must not play with fire, but do everything necessary to ensure that you will provide complete dryer vent cleaning and maintenance as often as required.

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