How Did Bacteria Get into Your Air Vent?

We are surrounded by hundreds of thousands of microorganisms which we do not see. Some of them like certain types of bacteria can pose a serious threat to human health. The problem should certainly not be ignored. At the same time, it is not easy to resolve either. One of the main reasons for this is that bacteria can grow and thrive in totally surprising places such as the air vents. They can easily spread from there and pose a constant threat to people and pets in the house. In order to deal with these pathogens, you have to get an idea of how they got there in the first place.

Bacteria Basics

The reality is that bacteria are everywhere. These microorganisms are transferred around by people, animal and plants. They multiply and spread very quickly when they find the right environment. Most thrive in warm and fairly humid places. At the same time, their spores can survive in the harshest of environments for many years. When they find a hospitable environment, they simply begin to divide and spread.

Many bacteria are harmless. In fact, some are present in our body and play a major role in certain processes such as the breakdown and digestion of food. However, there are also ones which can be quite dangerous. Some cause infections of the gastrointestinal tract while others affect the respiratory tract. There are also rarer species which can attack vital bodily organs severely. For all these reasons, proper protection is required.

Transfer and Accumulation

Bacteria can be easily transferred through touch. They can travel in the air as well. Spores, in particular, can be carried by the wind and spread to large areas. Given that the HVAC system constantly circulates air inside the house and many of its components are regularly touched by people, it contains a considerable number of bacteria. The problem can be aggravated further by the presence of vermin in the system. They spread bacteria through their droppings and saliva. The dead bodies of these animals are also sources of dangerous pathogens.
When bacteria get attached to warm and fairly humid sections of the systems, they begin to grow and spread. In many homes, the air vents and the ductwork contain some moisture in addition to being warm. As a result, they make perfect spots for bacterial growth.
The accumulation of bacteria in the air vents increases the risk of infections in the inhabitants of the house. This is because these microorganisms are constantly spread with the circulation of air. Basically, the exposure of everyone in the house to bacteria increases considerably.

Effective Protection

It is possible to reduce the growth and spread of bacteria in the air vents through proper cleaning of the entire HVAC system. You have to take appropriate measures to eliminate moisture and to reduce the level of humidity in your house. You must also take measures to prevent pest infestation. It is essential that you focus on keeping the entire home clean and maintaining a high level of personal hygiene.
You need to eliminate any bacteria present in your air vents and do everything necessary to prevent future growth.

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