How Can You Improve Air Quality in Your Home or Business?

It is a common misconception that only outdoor air can be polluted. The air inside modern homes and offices can contain various pollutants from common ones such as dust, pollen and animal dandruff to specific ones like the chemicals found in cigarette smoke. These pollutants can cause serious discomfort, allergies, and possibly more serious medical conditions. That is why it is important to improve indoor air quality. Consider the main steps for achieving this.

Effective Room Cleaning

The regular cleaning of all surfaces in the house or office prevents pollutants from sticking to surfaces and getting constantly released into the air. Floors must be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. It is best for a unit with a HEPA filter to be used. They should be washed as well so that any remaining dangerous particles are effectively removed. It is not mandatory to use chemical cleaners for hard floors. A simple microfiber mop will do a fine job. Carpets and rugs must be washed frequently.
You must remove the dust from furniture and other fixtures and fittings found inside rooms including window treatments. Both upholstered seating furniture and curtains should be washed frequently. Appliances and decorative objects require proper cleaning as well. It is a good idea for bedding to be changed weekly.

Proper Air Circulation

Most traditional heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems actually do not bring outdoor air inside homes and offices. That is why it is important for proper ventilation to be achieved through the opening of windows and doors. The outdoor air works to pump the indoor air outside so pollutants go away naturally. Furthermore, proper ventilation reduces the humidity level inside rooms. This, in turn, reduces the level of pollutants.
What if the outdoor air in your area is highly polluted? In this case, you should consider getting an air purifier. These appliances are designed to suck air in, to remove the pollutants from it and to release it into the environment. They are effective as long as they draw large amounts of air and remove a high number of pollutants effectively and quickly. If you live or work on a street with heavy traffic and extremely poor natural air circulation, for instance, an air purifier can be a fine option.

Regular HVAC Maintenance

Air duct cleaning is as important as room cleaning. This is because the HVAC system pumps a great volume of air into the rooms every day. When pollutants get accumulated on the air ducts and other components of the system, they get inside constantly while remaining unnoticeable. It is necessary for the cleaning of the HVAC surfaces to be performed with the appropriate tools and materials for achieving the best results and the highest possible level of safety. The furnace and air conditioner filters must be changed regularly as well. This will ensure that they will capture the maximum possible number of pollutants at all times. The choice of filters is extremely important and so is their proper setup. Take all of these steps to improve the air quality in your home or office and keep it that way in the long term.

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