How Bad Is the Air Quality in New Jersey?

As a state with small territory, high population and well-developed infrastructure and industry, New Jersey has a variety of environmental challenges. One of them has to do with the air quality in the state. It is relatively poor when compared to other states. The large metropolitan areas have the most polluted air. Find out more about the seriousness of the situation and the things which you can do to protect yourself and your family.

The Rankings

In the U.S. Air Quality Index by state, New Jersey is ranked 30th. Even though it is in the second half of the chart, the state ranks better compared to Pennsylvania which takes the 37th position. While the overall air quality in the state may not be extremely bad, there are some counties in it which take some of the top spots for ozone and particle pollution.
In the State of the Air Report, which is produced annually by the American Lung Association, the New York-New Ark metropolitan area, which covers part of the state, ranks 12th for ozone pollution and 13th for particle pollution. The Philadelphia-Reading-Camden metropolitan area, which includes several counties of New Jersey, ranks 16th for ozone pollution and 11th for particle pollution.

Health Implications

The high level of ozone pollution, which is popularly known as smog, poses a range of health hazards. The molecules of the gas cause damage to the tissue of the lungs. That is why in New Jersey and other states with high levels of smog, more and more people are diagnosed with asthma and other chronic diseases of the lungs. This type of air pollution makes people who are exposed to it more vulnerable to respiratory infections and heart disease as well.
Particle pollution is perhaps even more dangerous as it poses a higher risk of lung cancer. Just like ozone, the fine particles are released into the air by motor vehicles and other machines. Some of the particles remain in the lung tissue for a long time and can cause serious diseases. They have been linked to inflammation of the lung tissue and the air passages, severe asthma attacks, heart disease, and even cancer.
Everyone in New Jersey suffers from the poor air quality in the state. Children, the elderly and people with immune deficiency and chronic conditions are at greatest risk of being affected by one or more of the diseases linked to air pollution.

Taking Action

The use of motor vehicles with reduced harmful gas emissions is one of the main measures for bringing down the overall level of air pollution. However, it will take time before the majority of people and businesses switch to greener vehicles. That is why it is important for every person and household to adopt basic measures for protection. These involve primarily the maintenance of good indoor air quality. The fine particles which pollute the outdoor air can easily get inside via open doors and windows and the HVAC system and get deposited on surfaces. Given this, regular cleaning of the whole house including the air ducts is essential. The poor air quality in New Jersey can be improved over time and we can help you do it with Best Cleaning 4 U LLC.

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