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The experts at Best Cleaning 4U provide inspections, clean-outs, sanitation, and repairs of AC ducts, dryer vents, and HVAC systems for offices, homes, and businesses.

To clean the HVAC dryer vents, our NADCA-certified professionals will begin by cleaning the grills, then move on to the main components. Moreover, we will thoroughly clean the coils, the blower fan, and the drainage pan. A dryer vent cleaning process involves removing dust, fungi, dirt, bacteria, rodents, insects, as well as random organic or inorganic objects. 

The most common dryer vent cleaning FAQs are outlined below, but if you have any questions or want to get a quote, please call (973)-922-0195!

Dryer Vent Cleaning FAQ

What is the dryer vent cleaning and how to find service provider?

The dryer vent is a pipe located behind the dryer that carries lint and moisture and expels them into the atmosphere. U.S. laws require gas dryer vents to vent outdoors, ensuring that any CO2 produced is vented away from the home.

Although the cleaning methods of different companies will differ, you should choose a cleaning company that uses an agitation tool with a long reach (40 feet or more) and that is flexible in terms of design. The more tools they have to measure airflow, the better. If a vacuum is all a company is using, they won’t be able to clean your vent of all debris.

Are there any signs indicating I need dryer vent cleaning?

You can identify whether you need dryer vent cleaning by looking at these signs:

  • You may have a clogged dryer vent if it takes more than 35-40 minutes for a load of laundry to dry.
  • A clogged dryer vent might be to blame for an increase in your energy bill without a change in your electrical use.
  • In case you feel your dryer, vent is hot or emits a burning odor, it is likely that it is clogged.

Do I need dryer vent cleaning?

In areas where lint is clogged in the dryer vent or ducts, air flow is restricted, resulting in your dryer working harder and burning more energy. As a result, utilities are higher, and the appliance is more likely to break down. Getting an appliance repaired or replaced is expensive. The life of your clothes dryer can be extended if you clean and maintain the dryer vent. You trust Best Cleaning 4U to perform dryer vent cleaning, maintenance, repairs, installations, and dryer vent inspections at your home or business.

Could fires be prevented by getting dryer vent cleaning service?

One of the most common fire causes is failure to clean the dryer vent. The risk of fire caused by a clothes dryer is much higher than by a furnace, stove, or chimney combined. Lint trapped inside the dryer vents can become overheated during prolonged drying cycles. Over 440 injuries, including 14 deaths, and over $207 million in property damage were caused by clothes dryer vent fires in the past year, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

Which building types can Best Cleaning 4U service?

We are capable of servicing a variety of homes or commercial properties. What we can or cannot reach is usually determined by the locations of vent exhausts. For instance, we can reach 40 ft. if it exhausts to the side. As long as the roof can be accessed, we can service it. 

We service most of the building types including:

  • Town homes
  • Condominiums
  • Apartments
  • Duplexes
  • Single-Family Homes
  • Commercial Laundromats
  • Showrooms, shops, etc.

Does dryer vent cleaning offer any benefits?

There are numerous benefits offered by the dryer vent cleaning Long Branch service, such as: 

Removal of lint buildup
Lint clogs dryer vents, reducing air flow. This leads to increased energy expense and harder work from your dryer. A broken appliance will cost you more in utility bills and can break down more frequently. It is not inexpensive to repair or replace appliances. Proper dryer vent cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of your clothes dryer.

Savings on energy bills
Lint clogs dryer vents, reducing airflow, which makes your dryer run longer. This wastes energy and raises your utility bill, as well as putting your appliance in danger of breaking down.

Reduced fire hazards
Most residential fires are caused by not cleaning the dryer vent. Clothing dryers are more likely to cause fires than furnaces, stoves, and chimneys combined. Lint trapped in dryer vents can overheat when drying cycles are prolonged.

Would you be able to replace my dryer vents or fix them?

Sure. Every time possible, we use professional-grade metal vents for our dryer vent installation work. It is not uncommon for us to find white vinyl or plastic venting that violates construction codes and should be replaced as soon as possible. Often, when the building contractor didn’t finish the job or did it poorly, the dryer vent actually exhausts the hot moist air into homes, so we have to take care of repairs at site.

A bird’s nest or fire may also damage the vent, requiring it to be replaced or a new vent may require cutting into a sheetrock wall as part of its installation. We have the experience and equipment to patch up any sheet rock removed during the removal process. Moreover, we are capable of constructing outside vents through concrete foundations, walls, and roofs.  All these vents are sealed and waterproof to ensure maximum efficiency.

Cleaning the dryer vent is another task that is typically overlooked around the house. Over time, lint can accumulate in dryer vents, resulting in slower drying, higher dryer wear and tear and increased utility bills. Dryer vent cleaning Long Branch can enhance your appliance’s performance, make it more energy efficient and ensure it lasts longer. It will also save you money on repairs and new appliances in the future.

If you have any questions or want to get a quote for dryer vent cleaning Long Branch, please call (973)-922-0195!

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