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Keep your home safe with professional dryer vent cleaning.

In dryer vents, lint and particulates build up over time, causing clogs which can result in an array of problems, including lowered efficiency. Besides the wasted energy, time loss, and more clothes wear & tear, due to the clogging of dryer vents, there is an increased risk of the fires and carbon monoxide gas poisonings. The average clothes dryer causes over 15,500 fires a year. Many of those fires could have been prevented with expert dryer air vent cleaning. 

We offer a variety of benefits related to your dryer’s performance, including the removal of fire hazards from your dryer vent line. Your dryer vent line can be restored to create proper airflow, thereby reducing drying time, increasing efficiency, and reducing wear on your clothes and the dryer itself.

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Importance of Clean Vents

The importance of clean vents can’t be overstated and offers an array of benefits. Some of them are:

Increased Efficiency

You can bet that you’ll also be spending more on utilities if you’re spending more time drying clothes due to a clogged dryer vent. Your clothes will also endure more wear and weathering if they are subjected to extended or extra drying cycles. By hiring our expert and reducing your drying time, you’ll use less electricity and prevent your clothing from being damaged excessively.

Fire Prevention

Thousands of home fires each year are caused by clogged dryer vents. It’s common for people to overlook or overlook signs of a blocked clothes dryer vent, and this seemingly insignificant oversight can lead to death or property damage. Having your clothes dryer and also air ducts serviced by a professional is the most effective way to avoid home fires starting in or around your clothes dryer. 

Time Saving

Drying time gradually increases when your dryer vent is clogged. It may not seem like much, but eventually, as the vents become clogged, you will have to run a second cycle to completely dry clothes although you won’t notice the extra few minutes at first. If you hire an expert to clean your vents, you will save time that would otherwise be lost to prolonged or repeated drying cycles.

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Latest Dryer Trends

Most homes have a dryer placed on the top floor, which has a long, hidden venting run and multiple elbows. In contrast to the traditional short run in the basement, homeowners must maintain this system more frequently. Identifying when the vent should be cleaned can also be difficult.

Recently constructed homes tended to be more compact, and dryers are usually included. 

It is common to overlook and not operate dryers and vent runs properly. When they are working, they exhaust air outside. In addition to combustion products, gas appliances vent moisture, moisture from dried clothing, and carbon monoxide from combustion. Gas appliances vent their exhaust outside. Accordion-style runs made of plastic are no longer accepted in most places. UL-listed flexible connectors have the shortest possible length while replacing rigid metal.

Interested in dryer vent cleaning Hazlet NJ? For more information or to request a quote, call us at (973)-922-0195

Lint gets caught on the lint screen, doesn’t it?

The lint screen of a dryer is thought to capture all the lint generated during drying. However, in a typical dry cycle, the lint filter can only capture 90-95% of lint. The rest is absorbed by the moist passageways (the lint chute, the fan assembly, the interior dryer duct, the transition vent, and finally the outdoor dryer vents/ducts). Airflow can be reduced, and dryer performance may be affected by restricted passageways caused by lint buildup.   

When lint blocks airflow, what happens?

Lint can restrict airflow when it accumulates. This can lead to:

  • Back-up of carbon monoxide (gas dryers only)
  • Drying takes longer
  • An increase in energy consumption
  • Operational temperatures are higher
  • A problem with the dryer component
  • Dryers have a shorter lifespan  

All soft and hard lint deposits will be removed from the dryer vent system by brushing it from back to front. 

Are walls susceptible to lint buildup?

Absolutely! Sometimes, we find that metal 4-inch vents or ducts inside walls were not installed correctly, causing lint and moisture to escape from the vents and attach to walls. This can lead to mold growth in warm, moist walls. Carbon monoxide in dryer vents that don’t exit the home is an additional concern for gas dryers. For this reason, except dryer vent cleaning Hazlet NJ, we offer vent installation and repair services.

How do I know if my dryer venting is up to code?

To ensure that the vent system meets code, we inspect it from top to bottom. Foil flex hoses, such as those made of plastic or mylar, reduce air flow. The diameter of these non-compliant products is less than 4 inches when homeowners press the dryer into place. Moreover, the material’s corrugations create perfect lint traps. Airflow turbulence caused by corrugated vents also delays the exit of moisture and lint from your home. Lint within the vents builds up more rapidly as a result.

Foil and mylar flex vents collapsible with plastic are flammable. If homeowners want to replace their dryer vents, they need to replace them with 100% metal units that maintain a 4-inch minimum diameter when compressed or turned. Each metal vent system we install meets local building codes.

Thousands of fires occur every year in homes due to clogged dryer vents. To avoid this fire hazard, regular dryer vent cleaning is a must. Technicians at Best Cleaning 4U have knowledge, experience and equipment to provide quality dryer vent cleaning Hazlet NJ residents deserve. We want you to rest assured your dryer is not a fire hazard.

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