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Learn why timely chimney cleaning is beneficial.

A fireplace can help make your home feel warmer and cozier when the cold weather arrives. It contributes to the aesthetic of any room making us forget it requires maintenance and upkeep in order to remain safe and in good working order. Even though chimney cleaning is not something we often think about, it’s an important part of maintaining safety in your home, and if neglected, can lead to serious consequences.

Residential as well as commercial customers can take advantage of our chimney cleaning services. We ensure that our clients experience a seamless process from beginning to end by providing easy scheduling, hiring highly trained technicians, and utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. 

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Important Facts About Chimneys

Maintaining the chimney

A chimney must be inspected regularly in order to stay in good shape. Whenever you clean your chimney, it is advisable to seek out chimney repair services if you notice any problems with it. A chimney cleaning contractor will thoroughly inspect the chimney before cleaning it and will be able to determine whether any repairs are necessary.

Preventing smoke damage

As a result of frequent use, a chimney may become clogged with debris and dirt. The tunnel will eventually allow smoke to escape and might even fill in your home. In addition to the property damage, smoke can also become a health hazard.

Preventing fires

In chimneys, creosote accumulates as time passes. You should clean your chimney regularly to prevent tar-like substances from forming a film that could cause a fire. In addition to preventing the formation of such substances, a chimney cleaning minimizes the possibility of a fire occurring. You should hire a professional to sweep your chimney. 


If you hire a chimney sweeping company, you will save a lot of time. If you were to attempt this task on your own, you would have to spend many hours on it. Instead, you should hire someone to do it for you. It can be quite messy to clean a chimney, leaving behind ash and soot. This task is best left to professionals. It is also necessary for the technician to work from the top of the chimney so that this task can be accomplished. This is an extremely dangerous task. You can find DIY guides online, but you shouldn’t attempt to do this type of work if you don’t have the skills.

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Why do I need to clean my chimney?

If you burn wood or fire logs (Duraflame, Pine Mountain, etc.) the chimney walls will accumulate small particles of tar and unburned wood. If ignited, these particles could cause disastrous results. The chimney is not designed to hold fire despite what you may have heard. Smoke is intended to be held. Fire breaks out in a chimney when its lining becomes damaged from the high temperatures, causing the flames to spread to any area in contact with it. Flames can also ignite trees around the building or the roof as they rise from the top. If you plan to use the chimney you should have it cleaned.

How often should I have my chimney cleaned?

Despite its simplicity, the question is quite complex. An annual inspection and cleaning of fireplaces, chimneys, and vents will ensure they’re clean and free of deposits. Ensure that the area is maintained and repaired as necessary. According to national safety standards, it is the most reliable and safest way to solve the problem. Therefore, even if you do not use your chimney often, it can deteriorate to the point where you can no longer use it because animals may build nests in the flue.

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, a system with glaze should be swept more often. Factory-built fireplaces need to be cleaned whenever any buildup occurs. An accumulation of fuel in the chimney can lead to a chimney fire, which can ruin your chimney or cause damage to your home.

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Smoke comes from my fireplace. Why?

Especially in modern airtight houses, where weatherproofing has sealed off the usual air infiltration routes, this can be a problem. Household air is expelled from the fireplace when it is used, resulting in negative pressure. An unused fireplace chimney is the easiest way to get air into a tightly sealed house. Using this unused flue, air is drawn down to pick up smoke emanating from the fireplace in use, delivering it to the living room. A makeup air supply is needed to eliminate negative pressure in the house so that it does not draw back carbon monoxide into the furnace, thereby solving the problem. Further, installing a top-mounted damper on an unused fireplace can be beneficial.

I have an awfully stinky fireplace, especially in summer. Any suggestions?

This smell is caused by creosote deposits in the chimney that are a natural byproduct of wood burning. As the humidity levels rise and the air conditioner is running, the odor is often most noticeable in the summer. The act of sweeping the floor will help, but usually it is not sufficient to resolve the problem. A number of commercial chimney deodorizing products are available on the market, and baking soda and kitty litter have proven effective in deodorizing fireplaces. Whenever air is drawn down the chimney, the house experiences pressure problems. The damper can also be mounted at the top and tightly sealed to reduce air flow. Additionally, the chimney may have a leak that is causing water to leak into the brickwork around the top.

For more information on chimney cleaning Monroe NJ or to request a quote, call us at (973)-922-0195

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