Chimney Cleaning Fords: The Importance of Chimney Cleaning

To ensure your fireplace is safe to use, check it out before you begin using it during fall and winter. According to a study conducted by the National Fire Protection Association, failure to maintain a clean chimney is the leading cause of house fires in the US. Cleaning a chimney is a tedious task, and it should not be attempted by yourself, as a CSIA certified chimney cleaning in Fords will ensure that your chimney is not only cleaned, but also inspected for potential problems.

Check out our frequently asked questions below for a better understanding of chimney cleaning.

How Often Do I Need Chimney Cleaning?

If you use a fireplace or wood burning appliance frequently, the National Fire Protection Association recommends cleaning your chimney once a year at the latest. It is best to hire a chimney sweep that can perform regular chimney maintenance and chimney cleaning services at an affordable cost.

It is also advisable to schedule a chimney maintenance twice a year – a service in the fall is recommended to prepare your chimney for the winter and a service in the spring is suggested to clean up after the cold winter.

Is There A Recommended Type Of Service For A Chimney?

Chimney maintenance should be achieved through an annual inspection and mechanical sweep by a trained professional on a regular basis, according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America. The structure of a chimney can often reveal hidden hazards that could be dangerous during a chimney inspection. When chimneys are mechanically swept, layers of creosote are removed from the surface, as well as loose soot and creosote is removed from the chimney, fireplace, or wood stove.

What’s Included in the Price?

To ensure your chimney system is working properly and that it is structurally sound, an experienced chimney sweep will perform a full service that includes a professional inspection. It is essential to have a chimney cleaning service conducted by a certified technician who will not only clean your chimney, but also conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that it performs properly and safely.

Taking good care of your chimney, wood stove, and fireplace can also prevent unnecessary fires and carbon monoxide poisonings. In addition to being knowledgeable about building codes, a professional chimney sweep will be able to tell you if your chimney is in need of repair or not and whether it is in good condition.

Thorough chimney cleaning services include:

  • The removal of creosote that is hazardous or combustible
  • Cleanup of coal and oil systems to remove any soot accumulation
  • The removal of any trapped animals, nests, or leaves
  • High powered system vacuuming with
  • Inspections and maintenance related to fire prevention

Maintaining your chimney properly should always include consideration of safety in addition to keeping it clean and running efficiently. As a homeowner, it is important to follow all safety regulations and take precautions

Why Should I Have Chimney Cleaned?

An unclean chimney can pose a dangerous threat to your family. It is essential to schedule routine chimney cleanings for your home, since the buildup of soot, dirt and chemicals can be dangerous and flammable. If you have a fireplace, a substance known as creosote builds up every time you use it. The longer creosote is left in the flue lining of your chimney, the more difficult and expensive it becomes to clean. A chimney fire could also result from accumulating enough combustible material in sufficient quantities and heating the flue to excessive temperatures, since it is highly combustible.

A routine chimney maintenance service includes removing hazardous or combustible creosote, eliminating soot, dirt, and debris, and removing any accumulations. When your chimney is clean, it will work much more efficiently than it does when it is dirty.

If your chimney is not cleaned correctly, smoke will not vent to the exterior of your house, which can be dangerous.

Why Should I Call A Chimney Sweep?

Getting your chimney and fireplace cleaned by a reputable company is essential. In addition to providing complete chimney cleaning services, a professional chimney sweep should be licensed and insured and offer services such as vacuuming your entire system with high power, removing hazardous or combustible creosote, removing soot from coal and oil systems, and conducting thorough fire prevention inspections.

What if I see cracks in my fireplace?

It is important to have an annual inspection done in order to detect any cracks or leaks that may pose a safety hazard, so that repairs can be made as soon as possible.

Chimney Cleaning Fords

In addition to ensuring that your fireplace, stove, or insert is in good working order, our certified technicians will help you get it inspected and cleaned as quickly as possible. Best Cleaning 4U offers chimney sweeping services in the New Jersey area, and ensures that your system is in good working condition during the sweep.

Cleaning, repairing, and servicing your chimney is vital in order to make sure that it works correctly. Best Cleaning 4U is a chimney sweep who can clean, repair and service your chimney. It is our goal to ensure that your chimney and fireplace are in excellent working order as the only chimney cleaning in Fords.

We can handle all of the chimney cleaning and repair services that you need for your New Jersey home or business. The company we own and operate is licensed and insured, and we have many years of experience in the chimney cleaning, repair, and service industry. Call (973) 922-0195 for a free consultation with one of our experts or to get a free quote for chimney cleaning in Fords.

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