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The chimney specialists at Best Cleaning 4U provide thorough chimney cleaning services throughout New York. Whether it’s a chimney cleaning in Brooklyn, maintenance, repair, or installation, our highly trained technicians strive to provide high-quality service every time. Regardless of the complexity of the job, Best Cleaning 4U offers quality service at an affordable price. We utilize only the most innovative tools and technologies available to ensure you receive the best service possible.

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We understand how important it is to get an understanding of the chimney cleaning process prior to utilizing any related services. The most common chimney cleaning FAQs are outlined below, but if you have any questions or want to get a quote, please call 929-279-5960!

Chimney Cleaning FAQ

What does chimney sweep mean?

Chimney sweeps are trained professionals whose job involves inspecting and cleaning chimneys in accordance with industry standards. Note that not every chimney sweep is certified. Get in touch with Best Cleaning 4U if you want the service professional performed by qualified technicians. 

How often should I clean my chimney?

It’s essential to get a chimney cleaned every six to twelve months. However, the frequency depends on how often it’s used and the type of fuel it burns. 

What is the most common cause of chimney fires?

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, clogged and dirty chimneys are the number one cause of chimney fires. If there is a lack of chimney care or maintenance, the residue fire leaves behind (creosote) can accumulate inside your chimney causing it to start a fire. Cleaning your chimney at least once a year is the best way to avoid the dangerous buildup of materials.

What is the purpose of a chimney liner?

Liners protect your chimney from damage caused by heat and corrosion. They act as venting exhausts while keeping build-up inside the chimney to a minimum. Chimney liner is necessary when:

  • The tiles of the flue are cracked
  • The chimney has an excessive buildup of residue
  • Flue tiles that are damaged or missing
  • There is no mortar around the tiles

What is the chimney cap?

You cannot ignore the importance of a chimney cap when it comes to your home’s safety. The chimney cap not only prevents leaves, dirt and water from entering the chimney and clogging it, but also keeps live embers from being scattered onto your roof and igniting. A chimney cap is a must for safety, as one spark can start a house fire.

What is the chimney swift?

Chimney swifts are particular types of birds that nest inside chimneys. Since chimney swifts are federally protected, we cannot do anything about their infiltration (it’s illegal) but a chimney cap is the best preventative measure.

What is the recommended frequency of chimney cleaning?

It is recommended that chimneys are cleaned at least once a year. The amount of time you spend in front of the fireplace and the type of fuel you use (wood, pellets, etc.) will determine how many hours the work will take. 

The frequency of chimney cleaning is however personalized. Licensed technicians can determine how often you will need to have your chimney cleaned in order to keep you and your home safe.

Is it possible to clean my chimney myself?

You can do some preliminary cleaning but in order to have your chimney cleaned properly, it is best to hire a professional. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Professionals are equipped with the right tools for the job
  • Professionals can handle all types of chimney cleaning and maintenance
  • It can be dirty work to clean a chimney. Trained technicians can do the job with minimal mess.
  • Your chimney and you will both be safer

Should I install a chimney chase cover?

Keeping your chimney safe is important. Chimney covers, also known as chimney caps, guard against debris and even small animals from entering your chimney. 

What is causing cold air to come from my chimney?

There is a good chance your damper is open if you notice cold air coming from your chimney when it is not in use. While throat dampers have proven useful in the past, they do not provide an airtight seal and are often rust-prone. Installing a top-selling damper could result in decreased utility bills, as it allows conditioned air to be maintained and cold air to be kept out.

What causes the odor in my chimney?

Despite the fact that all chimneys smell, it shouldn’t be obvious. If you smell damp, musty, or smoky in your chimney, you probably have a water penetration problem. High humidity may exaggerate a buildup of creosote that creates a particularly strong smell, especially in the summertime. Additionally, you may have a problem with air pressure that causes the air to come down rather than go up and out of the home.

Over the years, Best Cleaning 4U has literally cleaned thousands of chimneys in New York. Having your chimney cleaned is essential for the safety of your home and your family.  Clean chimneys help heat homes efficiently and keep blockages, soot, and creosote at bay. 

As part of our HVAC service, we can sweep your chimney, install chimney rods and chimney brushes, remove, replace or restore chimney base pipes, seal your fireplace, vacuum the debris inside and outside the chimney.

If you have any questions or want to get a quote for chimney cleaning Brooklyn, please call 929-279-5960 

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