You can order video inspection services if you need to know what exactly is clogging the duct.


Our Video Inspection System provides client education, giving employers the opportunity to see all the mold, mildew and microorganism growing in the ducts.


We use Professional video inspection equipment to inspect fireplace flues. A monitor is set up in the living area next to the fireplace and a camera system is sent up the chimney’s flue to check for gaps, cracks, voids or other abnormalities. On the monitor you can see the interior of the chimney flue as the camera goes up the chimney.

All chimneys, including the chimney for your furnace, should be inspected annually, with cleaning performed as needed.

The benefits of DUCT cleaning:

Your HVAC system will gather dust and dirt over time that will negatively affect your health. Your system won’t work at its fullest capacity resulting in higher energy bills. With HVAC cleaning, you will feel better knowing that your system is working at its best, and your home will be safe.

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