Name Regular Price Real Price
VENT (Supply & Return) $30 $20
FURNACE (Air-wash Blower, Burners & A-Coil) $250 $150
DRYER VENT $100 $89

$89 Dryer-Vent Cleaning of up to six feet more than 6 feet $5 per feet

$200 minimum order applies. Multi -Thermostat homes add $50 per

Thermostat. A $50 Crawl space/Attic fee may apply at our discretion if we

have to access them.


All main trunks included, as are any access panels that are necessary.

Residential pricing only, Call for commercial estimate

Main trunk lines and access panels are all included the vent price, provided all the ducts in the home are cleaned.

Don’t let an unqualified company spray ANY chemicals into your ductwork without first performing an air quality test. 

As an added reference, a typical 1200 Square foot house has around 8 vents.

8 vents x $20 per vent is $160. (Minimum $200) If we clean the furnace as well you’re looking at $350. 

We also offer a package for $350 including a 1 system, unlimited Vents (Supply and Return)

and Dryer Vent Cleaning of up 15 feet.

We also have promotional prices.

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Dryer vent cleaning & Air duct cleaning in Brooklyn
5 stars - "Best Dryer vent cleaners." "Michael was excellent! He was very professional and personable! He cleaned up everything and was a gem!! Mike told me that my dryer has to be cleaned once a year, so he has a customer for life! I would recommend him to anyone who needs this type of service! Great guy and great work!"

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Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, Bronx, Staten Island, South and North New Jersey.

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