How Bad Is the Air Quality in New York City?

As one of the most populated cities in the world, New York City naturally suffers from high levels of air pollution. The problem has been persistent for many decades and no effective resolution has been found to date. It has ever greater impact on the health of citizens. Find out more about the seriousness of the issue and its implications.

Ozone Pollution

The State of the Air report, which is produced annually by the American Lung Association, has always placed New York City in the top positions for bad air quality. In the latest report from 2014, the city takes 12th place in the chart for cities with the highest ozone pollution in the United States.
Ozone is a colorless gas which sticks to the tissue of the lungs and causes damage to it. It is commonly referred to as smog. It is part of the exhaust gasses produced by motor vehicles and other machines. While the ozone layer high up in the atmosphere protects all living things on the planet from the harmful radiation of the sun, it is dangerous for humans to breathe in. It increases the risk of asthma and other respiratory conditions. It poses threat to the cardiovascular system as well.

Particle Pollution

In 2014, New York City had the 13th highest level of particle air pollution in the country. This type of pollution is caused by very small solid and liquid particles which are released from vehicles and other machines with the exhaust fumes. They are easily breathed in and some remain in the respiratory system for a long time.
These particles can stick to the air passages and to the tissue of the lungs and cause considerable damage over time. They boost the risk of asthma in healthy people and the severity of the attacks in those who have the condition. They can cause various respiratory conditions including lung cancer. They increase the risk of cardiovascular disease especially in people who have other risk factors such as diabetes. Children and the elderly as well as the people who have reduced immunity are most vulnerable to the threats which the dangerous particles in the air bring.

Protective Measures

While the authorities in New York City have taken measures to improve air quality by reducing the emission of exhaust gasses, considerable improvement has not been achieved to date. That is why it is important for citizens to do everything which they can to protect themselves and their families. One of the most important measures which you can take is the frequent cleaning of all surfaces in the house. The HVAC system should be cleaned regularly as well. This is important since pollutants from the outdoor environment can find their way into the air ducts and get released into the indoor environment constantly.
Overall, the air quality in New York City remains poor and residents need to take measures to protect themselves. In addition to keeping your house clean, you should try to work out indoors or away from the city in areas which have clean air free from pollutants.

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