How Accumulation of Pollen in Your Air Ducts Can Become a Health Hazard?

You have certainly seen pollen inside tree blossoms and flower blooms. This fine powder plays a major role in the reproduction of plants, but it can pose great threat to humans. Every spring millions of people experience allergic reaction to it and get sick. The problem can become even more serious when this fine powder gets stuck inside the air ducts of your house. All members of the family will be constantly exposed to this allergen. Find out more about this serious health threat.

The Danger of Pollen

Why is pollen such a great health hazard? The core of the problem does not lie with the natural powder itself, but with the immune system of humans. The immune system of some people perceives pollen as pathogen just like viruses or bacteria. As a result, it creates antibodies which fight the allergen when the person gets in contact with it. The body produces certain chemicals like histamine which produce undesirable symptoms. The main ones include blocked and runny nose, sneezing and watery and swollen eyes. It is possible for the symptoms to be greatly relieved, but the condition cannot be cured at least for now.

A person who suffers from pollen allergy will experience the symptoms only when exposed to the allergen. When pollen gets accumulated inside the air ducts and remains there, the exposure to the allergen can be come constant and this can make the person’s condition much worse. It is generally quite easy for the fine powder to get inside the HVAC system during the spring and early summer as it is super light and sticky at the same time. Then when the heaters in the house are used, it is carried into the rooms by the warm air. When the air conditioner is used, it gets forced inside with the cool air. As a result, everyone inside the house is exposed to the allergen at all times.

Children, in particular, are at the highest risk of allergy caused by persistent exposure to pollen. They can experience the most severe allergic reaction and develop asthma as well. The elderly and people who already suffer from respiratory condition can also experience much more intense allergy symptoms. These health hazards are extremely serious and must not be taken lightly.

Avoiding Constant Exposure

Since there are no medications for blocking the allergic reaction of the body, the healthcare providers recommend limiting the exposure to pollen as best as possible. The pollen accumulated on the walls of the air ducts can be effectively removed so that everyone in the family will be protected year-round. Air duct cleaning is recommended at least once a year. It can be done more frequently if required. When the procedure is performed properly, not only pollen but also all other allergens and pathogens inside the duct-work will be removed.

Finally, you should know that air duct cleaning is just one of the methods for protection from the health hazards posed by pollen. It is important for all filters in the HVAC system to be changed frequently. All surfaces inside the house must be cleaned regularly.

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