Can Viruses Accumulate in Your Air Vent?

You have to know that it is perfectly possible for viruses to accumulate in your air vent. The more serious problem is that they can easily spread to the rest of the house via the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system and affect the people and any pets inside. Find out more about this issue and how you can deal with it.

The Major Sources

The reality is that all living creatures carry viruses. Some do not get infected with them, however, while others have built immunity against them. Basically, a virus which is completely harmless to one creature can be extremely harmful and even deadly to another. Given all this, everyone in the house plus any pets can spread viruses. Usually, they are transferred through direct contact. However, they can also become airborne and this can make their spreading much easier.

Viruses can also be spread by creatures which are present in your home without your knowledge. These include various types of vermin such as rodents, insects and birds. They often spread a great variety of pathogens via their droppings. The dead bodies of these animals are also sources of dangerous viruses and bacteria.

Accumulation and Spreading

The air vents are fairly warm and many are moist as well due to condensation and other factors. This makes them the perfect places for viruses to survive until they find a host. The good news is that they cannot survive long without a host. The bad news is that they can get spread easily and quickly from these parts of the HVAC system. This is because they are light and easily picked up and carried by the air which is circulated through the system. Basically, the viruses can get pumped into the room directly at a high frequency. When they get in contact with your skin or you inhale them, you can get sick.
Traditionally, children and the elderly plus the people with reduced immunity have been at the highest risk of viral infections. However, this does not mean that everyone else is safe. These extremely tiny microorganisms can get replicated in the cells in a matter of hours and affect various organs and systems of the body.

Treatment and Prevention

The two main methods for fighting viruses include cleaning and hygiene maintenance. They should cover the HVAC system of the house as well. The air vents, the ductwork and the other elements of the system must be properly cleaned. The ones which have air passing directly though them should receive proper sanitizing, if necessary.
The system components must be maintained in excellent condition so that the access of vermin is effectively blocked. If such creatures are present in the house and in this particular system, you must take all measures to eliminate them and to prevent future infestation. If the problem is serious, you may have to adopt a complete program for protection.
Finally, you should not panic about viruses accumulating in the air vents of your house. When you take he appropriate protective measures, you and your loved ones will be effectively safeguarded.

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