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Basically everyone who has a dryer needs this service! Especially those houses with dryers mounted inside its walls, or dryers located on the second floor laundry rooms need this service. These centralized locations cause dryers to be vented longer distances – 50 feet or more that increases the risk for lint or other impurities accumulation which can significantly affect the dryer’s work.


First we start cleaning behind the dryer. Then we clean the entire dryer vent body. We also clean down below the lint trap in the dryer. Our specialized equipment thoroughly cleans the complete vent system – from the dryer to the exhaust vent hood, effectively removing lint accumulation and allowing the dryer to work at top efficiency. Customers see the immediate benefits such as reduced drying time and energy savings. At the same time they receive the long term benefits of reduced dryer breakage and essentially reduced fire hazards.

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Dryer vent cleaning & Air duct cleaning in Brooklyn
5 stars - "Best Dryer vent cleaners." "Michael was excellent! He was very professional and personable! He cleaned up everything and was a gem!! Mike told me that my dryer has to be cleaned once a year, so he has a customer for life! I would recommend him to anyone who needs this type of service! Great guy and great work!"

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