Why Every Air Duct & Vent System Needs Regular Cleaning?


Best Cleaning 4 U specializes in providing its clients with high quality air duct cleaning services. The technicians we hire and train know how to thoroughly clean ducts and keep your home safe. The equipment we use includes some of the most advanced devices available in the industry. You should give us a call and ask for a free estimate to get an idea of how much duct cleaning would cost for your home or your business.

Duct cleaning is necessary because a forced hot air heating system works by recirculating air. Dust is often produced and trapped, for instance during construction or remodeling. For instance, sanding drywall or hardwood floors can create a huge amount of dust. The dust usually goes through the return air vent and ends up in the HVAC system. There is a filter in place to trap the dust but most of the dust usually gets by the filter and remains in the ducts for a while.

Best Cleaning 4 U always goes the extra mile when it comes to providing quality services to clients. We take pride in our work and make sure all our technicians are adequately trained and always behave in a professional manner. We put an emphasis on always keeping work sites, clean, safe and free of drugs and alcohol. Our technicians have access to some of the best tools and machines to perform their job. We also have some procedures in place so that everything is done in a safe manner. Contact us or call our referrals if you have any questions.

Our company provides air duct cleaning services in Metropolitan area and our service area includes Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan, Long Island and New Jersey.

Here is why you should use Best Cleaning 4 U to have your ducts cleaned:

1. Cleaning Ducts Can Make Allergies Easier To Manage.

The air present inside of a home usually contains between 5 and 100 times more allergens than the outside air. Inside air is recycled, which means allergens stay and accumulate in the air. The air is being sucked in every time you turn the system on. Dust and dirt are drawn into the system every time you use it. A floor level intake register can make this problem even worse. Dust is kicked into the intake every time someone walks by. The dust stays in the system and is present in the air you breath. Allergens such as pet dander, mold, pollen, dust and dirt are stored inside of the ducts. You can greatly reduce the quantity of allergens present in the air you breathe thanks to regular cleaning.

2. Clean Ducts Promote Respiratory Health.

Breathing low quality air can lead to health issues such as allergies, headaches, congestion, dry eyes and hay fever. If your ducts are not cleaned regularly, germs and bacteria can remain and grow in the system. Mold can also appear, which can lead to serious complications, especially if black mold is growing inside air ducts. You could develop a respiratory disease if you breathe low quality air for long periods of time. Asthma and emphysema can appear as a result of poor air quality.

3. Clean Air Ducts Smell Better.

It is frequent to find dead insects and small animals in the ductwork. Decomposing bodies usually give off an unpleasant smell. Pet smells and cigarette smoke can also linger in the ductwork.

4. Your Home Will Look And Feel Cleaner.

If you find that your home is dusty again a couple of hours after cleaning it, you need to have your ducts cleaned. The dust that settles all over your home comes from the air you breathe.

5. Your HVAC System Will Run Better.

Debris, dust and dirt build up in your HVAC system. This makes the system less efficient, which means it has to run for longer periods of time to get the same results. This can put a lot of strain on the blower motor and a shorter life span for the components of your HVAC system. Besides, your bills will go up if your system runs a lot. Dust can clog different components and keep them from working properly.

Your furnace and central air conditioning system circulates air all over your house or office. This also provides circulation of dust filaments and other impurities that exist in any house or office. Some of these impurities settle inside pipelines accumulating formation of a thickening layer, which constantly pollutes air indoors. Some of the pollutants found in air ducts comprise:

  • Dust – consists of tiny filaments and other small particles. Dust makes the major part of accumulations in vent systems and recirculates in your house or office. This contributes to allergies and respiratory problems that compel to perform regular cleanings, but this process becomes tedious and exhausting.
  • Animal Dander – If you have pets, they constantly shed microscopic particles of skin and fur. These impurities circulate in your house as well that greatly contributes to allergy and other health problems.
  • Dust Mites – tiny creatures; they feed off human’s skin particles and pets’ particles of skin and fur. They inhabit air ducts and vents. Their droppings are a part of dust in your house. As a result, many people develop allergic reactions.
  • Molds, Viruses & Bacteria – In our humid climate, these biological creatures found ideal conditions for growth and reproduction in our air ducts and vents. The longer air ducts stay uncleansed the more chances these creatures have to thrive, and jeopardize human health.
  • Odors – odor form cooking, cigarettes, pets and other odors accumulate in air ducts and spread around the house.

Allergy and disease causing dust, pollen, pet dander, mouse droppings, dust mites, fungus, mold, cold and flu causing bacteria – all these are present in our air ducts.

Each time when fan is working, they get into your respiration. American Lung Association and other medical authorities verified that air’s quality indoors is the major cause of allergy and respiratory diseases. Allergy specialists recommend air ducts cleaning in order to alleviate symptoms for patients suffering from asthma and allergy. Content of hazardous building materials and sheetrock dust in air duct systems was found even in newly constructed houses.


Air ducts cleaning will help to protect your family from 29 various allergens found in air duct systems.

Less time spent dusting.

Dust mite allergy relief.

Fact #1

Research showed that two out of three undetected problems are directly connected with contaminated HVAC.

Fact #2

More than 50 millions of Americans suffer from allergy.

Fact #3

Children and elderly especially suffer from polluted air indoors.

Fact #4

Most of filters, which are used in furnace, are effective less than 7%.

Fact #5

10-12 millions of Americans suffer from asthma.

Fact #6

50% and more of diseases worsen by polluted air indoors.

Fact #7

Research showed that the level of hazardous air particles indoors with contaminated air ducts is 70 times more polluted.

Fact #8

Statistics showed that one out of six individuals suffering from allergy was infected due to bacteria in air duct.

Fact #9

Majority of people spend 60%-90% of their time indoors.


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